Supporting Work Skills Corporation by providing strategic financial resources.



WOW brings together women who share the Work Skills Corporation’s vision of a community that offers opportunity for everyone with the desire to succeed, and are committed to raising friends and funds for the Foundation so that people with disabilities and other barriers can live fuller lives.


WoW began in September 2013 with ten charter members. The group gets together two times per year for fun and informative meetings and updates on how members’ contributions have been used. Current members are: Tina Alread, Anne Belser, Michele Bouhana, Cheryl Colloton, Denise Couling, Judy Crane, Carolee Drake, Rachele Evers, Janet Filip, Lisa Follmer, Heidi Ford, Anita Gibson, Grace & Porta Benefits, Patty Gronow, Suzy Hanson, Judy Herzog, Lauraine Hoensheid, Betsy Hundley, Tina Jackson, Maggie Jones, Rene LaFave, Kate Lawrence, Katherine Lawrence-Copp, Melissa Loniewski, Kate Lowry, Danielle Maj, Dianna McGrath-Zanlungo, Jeannie, McMillian, Deb Oberpeul, Kathy Perlberg, Belinda Peters, Mary Schaefer-Scofield, Jenny Schild, Heather Spitler, Mindy Swarthout, Barbara Walker, Kim Welsh-Coates & Sharon Zizka.

To increase awareness and support of the Foundation, which will allow Work Skills Corporation to continue pursuing new and innovative educational, vocational and recreational ventures to enhance the lives of the people we serve.